Kristina McGrath

2017 NIU College of Business Honorary Alumna。

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Kristina McGrath is not just the name behind McGrath Automotive Group and McGrath Lexus. Kristina and her husband, Mike, are the owners of six Chicago area car dealerships and two of the Midwest’s biggest Lexus dealerships—and Kristina serves as director of customer service and public relations for the company.

Kristina helped McGrath Lexus earn a number one customer service index ranking. The Chicago Lexus store is #1 out of 240 dealerships for sales satisfaction.

Her career began shortly after meeting Mike, when he convinced Kristina to move to Chicago from her hometown of Lake of the Ozarks to work at his newly opened Acura dealership. There she became McGrath’s top saleswoman, as well as passionate about cars and the customer service experience.

Kristina and Mike have a shared vision that drives their business and are known among friends to be similar “type A” personalities who make exceptional companions both inside and outside of the office. So, it’s no surprise that when Kristina began accompanying Mike to speak in business classes at his alma mater (Northern Illinois University’s College of Business), the two complimented each other—elevating the experience for students and offering a new level of engagement with female students.

The McGraths have been active supporters of the NIU College of Business for years. The Mike and Kristina McGrath Entrepreneurship Initiative is the largest commitment in support of entrepreneurship in NIU’s history. It supports many initiatives—with innovation at its core—something the McGrath’s believe helped to make them successful in their business.

The Department of Management suite now carries the McGrath name in recognition of their donation.

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