Somya R. Munjal

CEO, Youthful Savings
Managing Partner, CPA for the People LLP
B.S. Accountancy, 2006                          
M.A.S. Accountancy, 2007

John P. Larson



Somya R. Munjal is passionate about money management, which she sees as a tool to help people live their lives more fully. She is a certified public accountant and a certified financial educator committed to teaching people about their finances. She hopes to empower people of all ages with the financial knowledge needed to live the life they always imagined.

After starting her career at Ernst and Young, LLP, Munjal worked for large corporations, financial institutions, small businesses, and startups in both the United States and abroad. She is the founder and managing partner of CPA for the People LLP, where she concentrates on tax consulting and outsourced accounting services. She is also the founder of Youthful Savings, an education technology social enterprise which seeks to empower the next generation with financial education products and entrepreneurship training. Youthful Savings has two components: My Own Business Challenge, which teaches middle and high school students about personal finance and entrepreneurship, and Financial Freedom, which helps college students learn to manage their money, avoid debt, and understand their student loans. For every dollar it earns, Youthful Savings donates 10 cents to scholarships. Two of the first four scholarships it awarded went to students at NIU.

Munjal received the Tech Cocktail Reader’s Choice Award for NYC’s Hottest Education Startup in 2013, the Ernst and Young Scholarship of Achievement, and the Randall H. Beck Outstanding Achievement Award in the Department of Accountancy. She is a board member of BitCoin India and an NPR Community Ambassador. Her articles have been published in The CPA Journal, The Freelancer, and Rio Grande Family Magazine.

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